SureIT Solutions, Inc (SureIT), based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a premier IT services company that offers niche solutions to its customers. SureIT was founded in 2004 with a core business of providing product based Solutions and IT services. Over the years, we have graduated our core business to encompass solutions aimed at Government, Transportation, Financial and Healthcare Sectors. SureIT aims to create disruptive products in Big Data space as well as a new, upcoming radical vertical of politics. If looked from a futuristic point of view, the goal would be to integrate all the above mentioned verticals using IoT thereby striving towards a better society.

  • SureIT Consulting Launched

  • Cashribbon product

  • Launched TollPlus Inc.

  • OpenSpace Product

  • New India Office Space

  • VINCI : 30% acquisition Tollplus as separate entity

  • New Products:PPM and BD PaaS


SureIT has always strived to provide world-class consulting services across various verticals and has always provided innovative solutions for their respective business problems. Some verticals where we have excelled in the past are as below.


SureIT has provided tolling solutions for highway transport since 2009 and is the first mover of the framework when seen in the Indian context


SureIT has extensively worked with local and national governments of various countries in order to architect technical solutions for their digitization efforts.

Financial Services

SureIT has a comprehensive track-record of handling financial services by collaborating with Banks and other financial institutions and integrating them with other corollary services.


SureIT has worked towards integrating information technology to healthcare by instrumenting solutions related to compliance.

Political Process
Management Tool

The PPM tool is aimed at taking care of all the operations and organizational ability of a Political party and its internal working. The idea is to make sure that all the workings of a political party are not only easily retrievable internally on demand, but also have deep analytics and intelligence on demand and is able to meet the demands of the ever-changing landscape, be it with engaging with constituents or regulation and compliance.



The Big Data platform-as-a-service (BDPaaS) is aimed at providing a scalable, enterprise-level and economical option for companies to crunch and process data and retrieve actionable insights by doing so. In today’s times where humungous amount of data is coming in, requires a fair deal of investment to even create a system which is capable of serving analytics and insights. Our BDPaaS system immensely reduces this cost by providing a configurable architecture framework to get the best out of your data.



“SureIT listened to my IT requirements and quickly synthesized my business needs into a strategic vision well beyond the scope of IT. In essence, they became a strategic partner, offering an elegant solution to my business.”

Todd Goldthwaite

Vice President, Enrollment Operations-K12

“SureIT Solutions Inc. is extremely thorough in research and able to discern key discriminators and product attributes that offer unique value to their clients. They are extremely dedicated to profession, quite insightful, forward thinking and customer centric in their business approach.”

Alan Allegretto

Managing Partner, GovScience Partners LLC

“Like most e-commerce businesses, our company is organized into several functions, where SureIT’s platform has to interact with all of them, and, if not managed correctly can prove disastrous. SureIT’s proactive approach and alignment of our firms strategic vision has ensured the necessary hurdles are quantified in a dispositional manner.”


Principal, Applied Holdings, LLC

Why Join Us?

  • SureIT would commit itself heavily on the growth of its employees and make sure one makes a career here instead of just having a job.
  • An empowered and collaborative work culture
  • Keep Calm and have fun
  • Work using cutting edge technologies on market-defying ideas
  • Assured wide breadth of learning which is improbable in established companies
  • A chance to make a difference to the greater Social cause of Political Transparency



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